IMVU Free Credits Generator 2.11 Released! (Download)

IMVU Free Credits 2011 Generator

AmaZeeng Software is proud to announce the latest major update to our IMVU Free Credits Generator. We have also launched this website to provide tutorials for our users (even though its super easy to use), and to get feedback on the generator. Version 2.11 of our IMVU Free Credits software is 20% faster than version 2.10 and 3 times faster than our initial 1.0 beta release. Now you can get free IMVU credits lightning fast! Below is a change log and free download links:

IMVU Free Credits Generator (Change Log)

1.0 Beta March 26, 2011 – IMVU Free Credits Generator released.

1.10 Beta March 28, 2011 – Fixed bug causing software to crash when Internet Explorer users opened a browser window while the application was generating credits.

1.11 April 22, 2011 – Fixed cpu usage issue when the generator was running for long periods of time.

2.0 May 12, 2011 – Fixed minor bug that caused the software to freeze with some users while adding credits with another program open.

2.10 June 9, 2011 – Increased speed of adding free credits.

2.11 June 25, 2011 – Speed of getting free IMVU credits increased by 20%.

Download Links

Download Generator: IMVU Free Credits Generator 2.11

UPDATE! Version 2.12 has been released! Download the new version here: Free IMVU Credits 2012


No Virus! 100% Clean! View the virustotal report here

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7 Responses to IMVU Free Credits Generator 2.11 Released! (Download)

  1. kylie says:

    i love this site

  2. caledon says:


  3. Desirae says:

    TY! :D my imvu avi iz krazi fly now!! haha my cousin iz mad af cuz i got 22000 credits n i wont tell her how i got em cuz i caught her textin my bf ahahaha that durty little hooka :|

  4. Geri says:

    omg! i havent tried this but i hope it works.. everybody better be right

  5. starboyakeil says:

    this works!

  6. moan says:

    i love this site

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